Commonwealth Bank


Zia Qureshi, Group Chief Executive of Catalyst, with David Murray Chairman, of the International Forum of Sovereign Wealth Funds; Chairman of Australia’s Future Fund and Board of Guardians; and former CEO of the Commonwealth Bank of Australia.

A Message from the Chief Executive

Commonwealth Bank of Australia is Australia’s largest and most successful bank. Catalyst worked on many critical projects with great success. The Bank engaged Catalyst over many international large companies to solve its problems. We maintained an excellent relationship with the CEO, Mr David Murray, and our CEO and Chairman Mr Zia Qureshi advised Mr Murray on many strategic areas with appreciation from Mr Murray.

“Business Catalyst has made a big difference to project management capability of EDS and has helped turn around the Bank’s key projects. We take great comfort in the fact that Business Catalyst is assisting EDS in project/program management “

Bob McKinnon, General Manager, Group Technology, Commonwealth Bank, meeting with Zia Qureshi, Chief Executive, Business Catalyst International







Assignment Overview
  • CBA has recognised the depth of our expertise in a number of areas illustrated by the following examples: Recovery of failing IT projects such as NetBank and project directing of critical IT projects.
  • Process improvement work covering areas such as, Comm 2000 Inventory Management, restructuring of ATM operations and a review of end-to-end project management practices from the Bank to EDS.
  • Cost reduction reviews in relation to major third party contract services.
  • CBA IT Strategy 2000: Business Catalyst was engaged to facilitate the Bank’s IT strategic planning (working with the Bank and EDS) as an integral part of the business strategic planning.
  • Leadership of $50 million IT application development program.


Outcomes Achieved
  • The new upgrade of NetBank was implemented in February 2001 and was recognised by CBA and EDS sponsors as their most successful such implementation, following a major effort by Business Catalyst senior project managers who facilitated the participation of EDS and CBA and managed the project to completion.
  • Significant improvements to the processes, improved customer satisfaction levels and reduced costs.
  • Identified areas of cost slippage and reduction that were very significant and recoverable. Project then focused on process improvement to ensure effective control over costs.
  • Significant progress has been achieved in integrating IT strategic planning within the business strategic planning process. Innovative concepts were introduced to establish a strategic business system framework, which was then used as an executive planning tool, and for planning Colonial integration following its acquisition.
  • Business case and contract negotiations are based on sound project concepts, resource plans and implementation programs.


Client Feedback

“Business Catalyst team has exceeded our expectations on this project (Telecom cost savings).”
Stephen Helberg, General Manager, Enterprise-wide Audit

“Please let the team know that we appreciate their dedication in getting to this result – they did it tough but the result is outstanding.”
Tony Henshaw, President, Asia Pacific, EDS – now at Telstra as Director Enterprise Sales & Bid Management


Assignment in Detail

Project Management – Enhancing NetBank (Internet Banking) to Achieve Competitive Advantage

Business Catalyst were engaged by EDS to provide a project review of this critical project, which was designed to deliver competitive advantage to the bank in terms of internet banking.

As a result of this initial review, Business Catalyst were engaged to undertake the entire program management of the NetBank implementation.
Business Catalyst team project managed and facilitated across EDS, CBA and external solution providers, bringing the project to a successful implementation ahead of CBA’s expectations.

CBA believe the increased functionality achieved as an outcome from the NetBank Upgrade will significantly drive the growth in its Online banking from its existing base of 600,000 customers

The BBOB2 (NetBank) project went live this weekend in what was described by senior CBA management as the most professional and smooth implementation they have ever seen.”


“Please let the team know that we appreciate their dedication getting to this result – they did it tough but the result is outstanding.”

Tony Henshaw, President, Asia Pacific, EDS Solutions, EDS Asia Pacific


IT Strategy Development & Outsourcing – CBA Steering Committee

Business Catalyst facilitated the development of the IT Strategy for CBA as an integral part of the business strategic planning process. Innovative concepts were introduced to establish a strategic business system framework.

    • Business Catalyst led the IT Outsourcing Benchmarking Project working with CBA Group Technology and EDS. We advised on the benchmarking process, selection of benchmarkers and ensured that the benchmarker deliverables were directly applicable to the IT&T agreement.
    • Business Catalyst developed the Group IT Operational Risk Management Plan integrating this into the overall group operational risk management plan.


“Business Catalyst work in relation to our IT strategy development has been outstanding…your firm’s work has commenced a revolution in CBA in relation to the IT strategy development process. Tremendous intellectual input by Catalyst.”

Peter Reynolds, IT Strategy Manager, CBA Group Technology