A Truly World-Class Capability

We are in the Business of Management

The Catalyst concept has now realised the vision of what started 15 years ago purely as a management service for the top end organisations, focused on improving and developing existing business operations and establishing new business ventures.

Our team of high level executive and operational managers, with a hands-on extensive operational experience takes on challenging assignments, providing clients with end-to-end solutions by working towards a clearly agreed set of objectives and outcomes that include establishing a well developed management team to ensure the sustainability of what has been achieved. Our service covers all aspects of management, ensuring that every key element of relevant best management practice is identified, developed and implemented.


“Catalyst aims to play a leadership role in developing new investment projects and engages a consortium of experts, investors and participants for undertaking the planned projects. This approach provides greater returns, greater capacity, better access to expertise and will help manage risks. This approach also enables much bigger investment and value-add.”

Mark Volpato, Executive Director, Project Origination & Development

Mark has extensive global experience with a solid track record of designing industry strategies, improving business processes, implementing innovative strategies and practical solutions for world leading companies such as: Citibank, JPMorgan Chase, HSBC, Allianz, Telstra, Rio Tinto, Origin Energy, Australian Dept of Defence, US Dept of Energy.