Business Transformation & Improvement

Business Improvement – Implementation, Advisory and Consulting

Existing Business Operations

  • Corporate transformation of existing business to improve performance, profitability and cost reduction:
  • Developing & implementing business improvement strategies
  • Developing growth strategies
  • Implementing business IT solutions
  • Business review, internal audit & risk management
  • Change management Program management

New Business Ventures

  • Establishment of new businesses from conception to operation:
  • Formulating strategy and business planning
  • Implementing organisation structures
  • Deploying senior management teams
  • Implementing core processes

Growth, Mergers & Acquisitions

  • Acquisition of businesses and post acquisition business integration to maximise value:
  • Leading project origination services
  • Designing value creation strategies
  • Conducting M&A, JV and divestiture due diligence
  • Conducting post M&A program management

IT/Business Systems

  • Total transformation of IT operations Implementing business systems/ERP
  • Implementing business systems/ERP
Client Assignments

Case Studies