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Dr-Saunders-high-resInfrastructure & Construction

Dr John Saunders is the international infrastructure development specialist of Catalyst. He has extensive experience in investment origination, structuring and development of industry and infrastructure projects in energy, resources, property, utilities, environment, and technology in USA, Europe Asia and Australia.

He is currently Chairman of The Linden Group and Midwest Infrastructure Pty Ltd. He was the former Chairman of Padbury Mining Limited, Yilgarn Infrastructure Limited, Sydney Gas Limited and Director of Sundance Resources Limited.






His major roles included:
  • Chairman of an Asian Infrastructure Task Force for the Federal Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade in 1994-1995.
  • Chief Executive of the Office of Economic Development for the New South Wales Government.
  • Chairman of the joint NSW Government – Guangdong Province Economic Development Committee.
  • Coordinator General for the NSW Government responsible for senior intergovernmental infrastructure-related committees and major projects. During this time, he sourced US$7 billion in property, project and infrastructure investments in R&D, IT and telecommunications, resource processing and private infrastructure financing.
  • Deputy Managing Director of the Australian Trade Commission, 1987-1989, initiating the inwards investment scheme of Invest Australia. Chairman of the Energy Policy and Planning Work Party for the Government of Western Australia.
  • Special Advisor to the State Energy Commission.
  • Member of the Joint Committee for North-West Shelf Gas Utilisation.


Dr Saunders has facilitated the following projects:

Oil & Gas

  • Gas pipeline, Perth-Dampier; Western Australia
  • EDC/VCM Petrochemical Complex; Western Australia
  • Ammonia Urea Project; Western Australia
  • Liquids & Petrochemicals from Coal Gasification Project; NSW, Australia
  • Oil Refinery Project; South Sulawesi, Indonesia


  • Pacific Power Vales Point Energy Park; Hunter Valley, Australia
  • 750MW West Seti Hydro Electric Plant, Nepal
  • 200 MW Coal-fired Power Station; Hunter Valley, Australia
  • 10MW-25MW BOT Hydroelectric Plants, Vietnam

Environment, Transport and Technology

  • BPIS Technology Tower Complex; Jakarta, Indonesia
  • Stadium Project, National Sports Complex, Hanoi, Vietnam
  • Water Privatisation Project; Bangkok, Thailand
  • Privatisation of Trams/Trains Network, Victoria, Australia
  • Telecommunications multiutility restructuring, Australia


  • Iron Ore Mine Development; Mid West Region, Australia
  • Iron Ore Port and Rail Infrastructure; Western Australia and South Australia
  • Kemerton Aluminium Smelter; Western Australia
  • Rare earth Project; Lai Chau Province, Vietna