Our Vision

To be recognised by world leaders as the CATALYST for high value business development and investment based on our value-added approach that:

  • Leverages the expertise of global industry leaders working in a collaborative manner with governments and the private sector,
  • Creates massive value for client countries and their governments, as well as our shareholders and partners, and
  • Results in the economic and business development of the working region.



“After a lifetime in business in Australia and internationally, with assignments for multinationals and others in around 20 countries, and after living and working in China as a participant in its tremendous growth, I can tell you there is no substitute for experience and wisdom.

The depth of experience found in Catalyst is quite remarkable. It is not surprising that so many leading corporations are leveraging Catalyst’s talent pool to achieve success.”

Jim Warren, Group Operations Director

In his former career, Jim held partner-in-charge positions for PriceWaterhouseCoopers offices in Australia and China and commanded various global leadership roles.